Poster by John Wells

Films will be streamed on Twitch

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Winning films will be shown at the end of the live stream, and we will also announce them on our social channels as they are revealed on Twitch!


Dallas/Fort Worth Creatives, this is for you!

Film Type: Any Style, Any Genre, Any Subject

💰Win Cash Prizes! 1st place: $750, 2nd place: $500, 3rd place: $250

🎥 Films must be made by Dallas/Fort Worth creatives during April 10-20, 2020 while maintaining all current safety guidelines.

🤳Film with whatever gear/camera you have access to, film with your dog/cat/kid, or animate something! Get creative!

3️⃣  Run time is 3 minutes or less.



John Wells

John Wells

aka Handsome John, the coolest cat of them all! John is a Dallas based Creative Director, Designer and Painter with a deep love of movies. He’s honest with his critiques and eloquent in his speech. You’ll find John happy as a clam snuggled up in the dark corners of The Criterion Collection, all of which he owns. 🎥 🎨 @jwells1966

Mallory Ashcraft

Mallory Ashcraft 

Mallory is a copywriter and certified yoga instructor who can whip both an ad and your tight shoulders into shape. She got her start at Miami Ad School in New York City and has been working at Dallas agencies for three years. Her work can be found at @malyour_pal ❤️

Jonathan Merla

Jonathan Merla

Question about obscure Star Wars trivia, the latest in menswear, or the history of funk? Jonathan is the guy to call! A Berklee College of Music alum, he put down his sticks as a professional musician several years ago to work in fashion marketing. His clothes are designer and his beloved pup is French. (Being judgey just so happens to be one of his favorite hobbies.)